Pet Care

Pet Care

Just like any family member, your pet’s health will be improved with yearly medical check-ups.

Dogs and cats instinctively hide their ailments.  During a comprehensive physical exam, our doctors and staff are trained to detect specific health issues before they become difficult to treat or life threatening.

We carry a complete line of Hill’s prescription diets that may aid in the treatment of specific illnesses. We also carry a select few of the Royal Canin prescription diet for your pet. If you don’t see the food you need for your pet, let us know, and we can order it. Talk to any of our veterinarians about a diet that would be helpful for your pet.

The following information is for routine health care for your pet, including vaccine and health exam recommendations.  Please call us if you have any questions.

Puppy Preventative Care
8 weeks of age:  First exam
Distemper/adenovirus/parainfluenza/parvovirus vaccine. Bordetella vaccine. Microscopic fecal exam for parasites and other intestinal infections common puppies.

10 weeks: Checkup
Booster DA2PP vaccine
Begin Heartworm preventative

13 weeks:  Checkup
Discuss administering Leptospirosis and / or Lyme vaccine depending upon puppy’s lifestyle and exposure to ticks.

16 weeks:  Checkup
Hip evaluation* for medium to large breeds and some smaller brachecephalic breeds. Final DA2PP-C booster, possible leptospirosis and lyme, boosters. Rabies vaccine.

*Hip Dysplasia, a disease in young dogs, is preventable. Your dog does not need to suffer with aching hip joints and arthritis. While hip evaluations are best done at 14 ­to 16 weeks of age, talk to your veterinarian about a variety of procedures available to dogs of any age.

Note: Rottweilers Dobermans and mixes of these breeds require additional vaccinations for parvovirus in two-week intervals.

6 Months: Ovariohysterectomy (spay) or neuter

Adult Canine Prevenative Care
Monthly: Heartworm preventative.
Adult dogs starting heartworm preventative must be tested for heartworms prior to starting monthly preventative.

Annually: Yearly health exam
Booster DA2PP. This can be done every three years after the first yearly booster. Booster leptospirosis, lyme, and bordetella vaccine depending upon lifestyle. One-year rabies booster.

Triannually (every three years)
Heartworm test. 3 year DA2PP booster. Rabies booster

Kitten Preventative Care
8 Weeks: First Exam
Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus test
Microscopic Fecal Exam for parasites and other intestinal infections common in kittens. FVRC-P vaccine. Feline Leukemia vaccine if any cats in the home go outdoors.

12 Weeks:
FVRC-P Booster
Feline Leukemia vaccine booster

16 Weeks:
Final FVRC-P Booster
Rabies Vaccine

6 Months:
Ovariohysterectomy (spay) or neuter

Adult Feline Preventative Care
Yearly: Health checkup
FVRC-P booster the first two years. Feline leukemia vaccine booster the first two years . Rabies booster.

Trianually (every three years)
Feline Leukemia Booster. Rabies booster.

While many vaccines are now done every two to three years, yearly health checkups are essential for your cat or dog.  A complete physical exam can find health issues before they become life threatening or difficult problems to treat. Your dog or cat cannot speak to you and they are notoriously stoic, so many ailments will not be noticed even by the most observant pet owner. Our Doctors and staff are highly trained to look for these type of health issues.

Flea and tick control as needed. Dental Cleaning as needed.

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